Bank of America

Fullstack Developer

The Enterprise Metadata Management Software automated the process of capturing metadata across Risk, Corporate Investment and Treasury systems and enabled users to deal with regulatory authorities in a timely manner. The application also analyzed this aggregated data along with data visuals in a dashboard.

  • Handled large datasets, deeply nested JSONS, and used data wrangling techniques such as normalizing, cleaning, transforming, joining, and reshaping tables/data frames through in-house Quartz libraries and open-source libraries like numpy and pandas
  • Implemented front end components for forms, grids, dashboard, visualizations, SLA, data metrics and admin functionalities using Angular, D3, Google Material, ag-Grid
  • Implemented an automated bulk excel upload process using open source python modules: openpyxl and xlsxwriter
  • Automated metadata validations using Python scripts
  • Setup API services using Python/flask and stored objects into Cassandra

Bank of America


2017 - 2018




Jersey City, NJ