Performance Scientist & Sr Python Engineer

A critical part of Cisco's Supply Chain ($50B+ Annual Revenue) is the testing of manufactured devices. Cisco's Next Gen Real Time Test Automation Platform is deployed globally to all manufacturing sites which is used in the building and testing of over 10,000 unique devices within Cisco's hardware portfolio. Tony's day-to-day activities often were a combination of tackling performance and optimization problems, data engineering, data analytics, data visualization, test automation & CI/CD. When he's not solving problems, he trains Cisco's global engineering workforce in Python.

  • Analyzed and investigated the core application engine while conducting performance experiments in a data driven approach. Tony took the initiative to review the architecture and modify Celery settings (using netdata and flower)
  • Key accomplishment was the tuning of Celery workers which cut the time execution of test manufacturing processes by half, yielding a huge performance application benefit
  • Configured and utilized an open-source Data Visualization tool, Flower, which shows live status of parallel celery workers and celery tasks
  • Configured and utilized an open-source live visual dashboard with system and application performance metrics (300+ KPIs) on RedHat 6,7,8 Production Servers and QA environments to monitor and analyze machine health metrics
  • Identified server code deployment inconsistencies and fixed bugs in the automated Jenkins pipelines
  • Identified and removed security vulnerabilities from overexposed data, hard-coded credentials whether found through API endpoints or system logs
  • Continually monitoring and updating the automated integration tests using Cypress/Javascript
  • Conducted in person and Webex Python trainings to hundreds of Cisco software engineers (San Jose and globally) on a range of topics from performance to techniques and best practices
  • Trained Front End Engineers to use Test Driven Development by teaching best practices using Cypress
  • Vetted potential hires of all levels by conducting Python interviews
  • Python Code reviewer on Bitbucket/Git





Supply Chain & Manufacturing


San Jose, CA